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Game Private Cabal Private New Server Viet

Thảo luận trong 'Game Private - Game Lậu Việt Hóa Mới Ra' bắt đầu bởi deptrai93, 20/8/17. ID Topic: 26145, Lượt xem: 1,825

  1. deptrai93 New Member

    Cabal Ice
    website :
    Offical Droplist :
    Link Client :
    Link download patch update :
    Exp rate : x700 - Start lv170 - class grade 20
    Skill exp : Max skill when start
    Droprate : Balance with droplist
    MShield protection.
    DDOS.. Crash Protection.
    All item are farmable.
    Drop per mobs : x2
    New dungeon
    New costume
    Custome reward WEXP (WEXP point is dependent on TG point)
    New Defensive Earrings
    New Pet
    Weekly Shop
    Balance damage - hp - TG
    Many new.. come and try..
    How to setup game:
    1. Extract Client Folder.
    2. Copy patch fix to client folder, then extact all > yes to all
    3. Login game. If you have any question try inbox fanpage [​IMG];)
    + Lv170 khi bắt đầu tham gia game
    + Max Grade 20.
    + Thay set Titanium bằng Set 99 max craft.
    + Free vũ khí 99 Max craft 2 slot cho newbies
    vote để được miễn phí ecoins trên mỗi 12 giờ

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